Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Tho-oh-oh-ose Summer Niiiiiiiights

Hello all!

It's a hot early September night and I've parked myself in front of the fan for the evening.
I'm watching a 1951 movie called No Highway In the Sky starring James Stewart, Marlene Dietrich, and Glynis Johns. I've seen Stewart and Dietrich in other pictures and of course but never together in the same film. 

And I'm just SO loving how everyone talks! There's so much contrast between Stewart's comforting, easy way of speaking and Dietrich's more precise, feminine voice. And again Glynis is so sweet sounding! The movie in general is slow moving and just begins to touch on subjects like being ostracized for having disagreeable ideas, and coming to terms with death and the life you've lived up until then. But I could listen to them talk forever!

Image from mubi.com

I'm starting to see everyone gear up for Autumn, but it's so hard for me with this summer weather - it just doesn't feel right! I'm still having Coca Cola chilled in the freezer to slush form, and tomato salads with parm and feta, and cantaloup with cottage cheese for dessert. There's not enough leaves on the ground to start with the hot chocolate (but I bought some the other day just in case!).

I did however go through my nail polish today and chose which colours would be good for the Fall. I've never really done this before, I've always just put on whichever colour I felt like that day (which I still encourage if that's what you do!). But I'm giving it a try and I'll post the colours I chose in a products post later this week! For today I chose a gorgeous teal that is still kind of bright and makes me feel like a merperson, and who doesn't want that?

The movie is over now and I'm gearing down for sleep. Good night!

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