Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Treats I've Tried Lately

Good evening all!

This is a post describing some of the weird or yummy things I've tried in the past month or so. I'm in Southern Ontario, so some of the British or American things are new and interesting!

First off something new: Warheads sour worms and sour cubes.

Now just so you know I don't like sour things. Or spicy things. I have the palette of a 5 year old, really. But I liked these as a gummy treat, so that tells you how NOT sour they are. The flavours of the cubes were fun to try and guess (it tells you on the packet tho).

Next, the Milka bars. 

So good! They're from Switzerland I think. And they are just really smooth chocolate with yummy fillings. They have so many different types too! I only tried two, but they have kinds with fruit cream filling, or cookie filling, or biscuits, or other types of chocolate. I tried the caramel, which is basically like a reaallly good Caramilk bar, and the Oreo, which tastes like eating a reversed Oreo (with more filling than cookie!). I just went to their website and although the don't offer Canada or the United States as options for viewing their website, their slogan is portrayed in English and I just enjoy that they use the word tender as their main descriptor. It makes me feel fuzzy inside.

My selected fudge was Chocolate Amaretto from Brittles N More. I'm not quite sure what I expected this to taste like- heavier on the coffee maybe? Anyway, it tasted quite similar to regular chocolate fudge. Which is good, don't get me wrong, but not what I expected.

My favourite chips right now are the Ruffles Sour Cream 'N' Bacon. But that didn't stop me from trying the Marmite chips! I didn't know what Marmite even was until a few days ago. They had an almost musky flavour that I'm fond of.

Last of all is a beverage: maple syrup lemonade. It's made by a local company called Hitch Hiker. Not my most favourite thing ever. It was interesting, but I could only really handle a sip of it. So sweet! And just unfamiliar as a taste for drinking. (Their regular lemonade is really good though!)

And I just finished off a vegan chocolate cheesecake at our favourite cafe (coincidentally vegan and vegetarian based). I think I'm set for the night. Good night!

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