Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maybelline Lipstick in Very Cherry

This is 635 Very Cherry by Maybelline. It is a super bright red with a slight gloss. It has a nice smooth texture and it goes on evenly.

And! It smells really good. This is such a plus for me. I find it's the little things on top of a good or even moderate product that make it soo much better. Another of these things is the packaging on this- I love the highly reflective silver base and the transparent red lid.

It wears pretty well, especially if you wear a lip liner underneath. And if you don't touch anything. As soon as I do, I find there's a lot of transfer and it sticks better to my thermos than it does to my lips!

Swatch of Maybelline 635 Very Cherry

I find this colour comparable to my Revlon 740 Certainly Red. This is creamier, but doesn't stay put as long.

Maybelline 635 Very Cherry (left) and Revlon 740 Certainly Red (right)

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