Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

It took me quite a while to get a good grip on how I feel about this product. I think there was just so much that it was proposing to do that it took time for me to work through everything and get used to it all. 

There is so much going on with this product. Because it is a BB cream it has a lot of properties that are good in a general way. The main good effect is that it's supposed to protect against air pollutants and other environmental stressors. It also has an SPF, but with the amount of testing and proofing it would have to go through they don't officially mention it. But that's alright, there's other things to draw your attention...

It's also being marketed as a good colour corrector, enough so that it can be worn on it's own when you don't want to do the whole eyeliner/eyeshadow routine. I did try this, and I will admit it does a fine job of colour correcting all around the eye (I always wonder about with the skin toned Benefit products is if it really works with ALL skin tones). It is a bit gummy on its own though and it seems to need a powder to set it.

Another feature is that the tip is supposed to be softer than your pinky finger. Which it is. But as an applicator I find it a bit lacking. Yes, it is soft enough to apply it directly to the eyelid. I still need either a blending brush or my finger to blend it in properly though. 

At the base of the tube is a clicker to push the product up to the tip. It's supposed to be one click per eye, which is a little lacking. I find that I use about 2 clicks per eyelid and a bit more to cover both the lid and the under eye area. The cool thing is that you can click it back if you've clicked it too far forward and it will take some of the product back into the tube.

And finally, the main thing it's supposed to do - be a primer! Usually my liner ends up in the crease, along with my shadow, and this made it stay put for at least 9 hours, which I figure is pretty good. 

And of course the packaging is pretty cool!

Swatch of Benefit Air Patrol BB Cream Eyelid Primer

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