Saturday, October 24, 2015

KISS Strip Lash Adhesive with Aloe (Black)

This is one of those things that I vaguely thought would be nice and then once I had it I appreciated it much more. My normal Ardell lash glue is my go to for everyday wear, but sometimes it gets gummed up with my eyeshadow and doesn't dry clear. So this is great for nights out when I want to keep my black eyeliner or shadow clean and dark, and hide the line of the lash strip.

This dries as dark and black as it comes out of the tube. It also keeps my lashes glued down until I take them off (after several hours). The consistency is a bit weird, and I don't know if that goes for all KISS lash glue or just the black. A lot comes out of the tube at once, and a lot seems to stick to the lash strip. This means that it ends up in far more places than I'd like it to go, and for something that dries black instead of clear, this is more of a problem. When I'm taking it off (or removing it from the bottom corner of my eye where it has accidentally landed), it seems more gummy and stretchy than any other glue I've worked with. I can't quite make out if this is a benefit or an accident. 

Although I really like this product, it does take more time and patience to work with, so it probably isn't for everybody!

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