Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Biotherm Biocils Make-up Remover Gel

So this is a makeup remover that is used on its own, without needing to rinse it off. It states on the back that it can be used on gentle skin and with contact lenses. It is a gel, but it's still very fluid.

I started using this in the evenings to replace my Clean & Clear astringent toner. I used the Clean & Clear twice a day (at morning and at night) mostly to take off excess dirt and makeup (because  nothing apparently will help my spots). I'm only using the Biotherm Biocils in the evening to get the rest of my makeup off, since it's not an astringent.

As a cleanser and makeup remover it works really well, better than the Clean and Clear (which isn't technically a remover but it does the same thing). And it is super gentle on the skin and eyes. I am one of those who wears contacts and sometimes a cleanser will gum them up. This doesn't do that, but you still need to wash it out if it gets in your eyes. 

The only complaint I have with it is that I need so much to get the job done. If it's just the eyes I'm focusing on it's not so bad, but between my skin and the cotton pad it seems to disappear. So I'm going through it crazy fast. For that reason alone I don't thing I'll repurchase, but it's good for the interim! 

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