Saturday, October 17, 2015

My Topbox October 2015!

So this arrived for me yesterday! Topbox is my first beauty box, and this is my first Topbox! It's a Toronto based company that ships to anywhere in Canada and it costs $12/month (plus tax and including shipping). 

There's four samples in each box. Because this was my first box, I decided on this one based on the price, but also based on the fact that it is samples. I'd much rather try a bit of everything and repurchase what I like than get a whole bunch that I'm going to end up throwing away because I couldn't use it in time or because i didn't like it and wouldn't recommend it. If I could I would get everything in sample sizes first.

So this was October's! Here's a list of what I got and how much each retails for and where to buy it:

I'm pretty excited for everything here. I just like trying new products! And I like the fact that some things are from websites that I may not order from because I only want one item (or just won't go to the trouble of ordering- I'm internet lazy).  I was supposed to be able to vote for which box I wanted, but I saw the email too late and just as well- I feel like it might have ruined it for me. I'm sure others really like that option though!

I have't tried any of this yet, but I swatched the pencil on my hand and it was soo shiny and pretty. Definitely will be used for any nights out! I'll let you know how it goes (and show you the swatch) when I review it!

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