Thursday, October 22, 2015

Essence Lipliner

I bought this one day when I needed something I could put under my lipstick to set it better. It was something like $2 and I expected its performance to reflect the price I paid for it.

As a lipliner, it is mediocre. It doesn't make a sharp line, lasts about as long as a creme lipstick (2-4h), and it's so soft that lipstick doesn't stick to it very well at all. In fact, that's what I ended up using it as. Because it's smooth and creamy I either wear it on its own or mixed with another lipstick to get a good colour. That is actually one thing that is really good- the colour payoff. The only trouble with using it to cover the lips is that because it's so soft a lot of product comes away when I apply it, and I use it up at a rather fast rate. For the price though it's not hard to replace!

Swatch of Essence Lipliner in 008 Red Blush

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