Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MAC Face and Body Foundation

I borrowed this from a friend to try out to see if I would like it. I'm always trying to up my foundation game! Unfortunately it isn't for me.

For a foundation I'm looking for something that is easy to blend and gives good coverage without feeling heavy. This foundation definitely meets the easy to blend requirement! It's the easiest I've worked with for blending. And I really like the fresh glowing look it gives my face.

The problem comes with coverage. I am not a fan of how watery this foundation is. It is a light coverage foundation, so I didn't expect it to cover everything the first time around. But for some reason I can't build it up! It would take at least 4 coats I think- I didn't get that far. After 3 coats I just ended up putting on my regular foundation. It got points for not making me feel like I had anything more than my usual foundation on though!

So there are some really good aspects of this foundation, and I would recommend it to someone who just needed a little extra boost for their skin and wanted a really natural finish. Other places I would use this is with another type of foundation, either under a powder or over a liquid for a better finish. But for the amount I would use it, it's not worth having this in my collection. 

Swatch of MAC Face and Body Foundation in N1

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