Monday, October 12, 2015

Yves Rocher Luminelle Lipstick in Coral

This was my first ever coral coloured lipstick and I still love it. It isn't really a full on coral when you put it on- it has a bit more of an orangey-red undertone than a true coral. 

It goes on smoothly and evenly. Because it is creamier, it feels hydrating on the lips. But as I'm finding with the smooth, creamy lipsticks it's wear time is not as long as some of my others. I generally have to reapply it one or two times during an 8 hour day.  

And of course what really gets me is the delicious smell it has. It's supposed to be fruity but I find it more like vanilla. Either way I love it!

Swatch of Yves Rocher Luminelle lipstick in 42521 Coral

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