Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunday Shoe Day! Fioni Night T-Strap Open-Toe Platform

Just a little platform today! These ones came with me to Cuba and back to be part of my bridesmaid's outfit. They aren't my usual style and I kind of thought I was just going to wear them once. But they turned out to be a big hit! 

First of all they're super comfortable. I can stand in these for hours. And they zip up the back instead of having a strap to fiddle with. (Not that I mind buckle straps and shoes I can only stand in for a little while, but it's just a nice bonus when it happens the other way!)

Because they're grey/silver they're pretty versatile and can go with a lot of different outfits. They're able to glitz up a more casual outfit too, which is nice. 

I really like how shiny they are! And besides all the sparkly bits, the outside is a polished textile that looks like satin, which I think adds a nice finish to them. 

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  1. Been trying so hard to learn how to walk with heels! It's tasking I tell ya! And hey, no shame in having a collection of non designer shoes. You should see my stash !!